About us

Rod Smith

Rod has worked in the telecoms industry for over 25 years, primarily within the vendor community in a number of senior Sales and General Management roles. Prior to joining OTA2 in 2007 his most recent post was as Managing Director of telecoms solutions provider, Marconi plc where he worked from 1990 to 2006.
He brings a wealth of experience to his role at OTA2 having worked with many of the telecommunications operators in the UK in planning and building their networks. In addition to being responsible for the direct business partnerships with Marconi’s UK customers, Rod oversaw several major product development programmes and managed field operations in the UK. Rod was a member of the Marconi executive board and served on several operational boards within the group.

Jim Reilly   

Jim is a seasoned Operations professional with many years experience working at a senior level for Cable & Wireless & BT serving the Business Market. Jim brings with him a track record as an effective leader with a reputation for tackling business challenges in an open and thorough way.

Mark Dalziel

Mark is a telecommunications professional with experience of working for Network Operators, Equipment Vendors and Service Companies, covering roles from Network Strategy, Operations & Planning through to Sales & Marketing. Most recently Mark has supported the activities of CPs looking to utilise shared infrastructure and the interests of the Ethernet CPs within the OTA2.

David Halliday

David has held a number of senior management positions in telecoms companies nationally and internationally. Prior to joining the OTA2 in 2009, he worked within Pipex and Tiscali where he developed an Industry wide knowledge of LLU and WLR. Currently David is focussed on product development and service improvement for LLU,WLR and GEA.

Peter Ryde

Peter was Director, Wholesale Services at NTL between 1999 and 2006. He was responsible for managing all Sales, Service and Product activity with other Carriers, ISPs and Systems Integrators. Peter also managed the interconnect team within NTL.  Prior to 1999 Peter held a variety of sales, marketing and product roles within BT, Mercury and Northern Telecom. Since 2007, Peter has supported NGNuk activity and the interests of Business CPs within OTA2.