OTA Update for April 2007

There are now more than 2 million unbundled LLU lines, 4.2 million WLR lines and 6.2 million telephone numbers using CPS.

The OTA2 scheme is now in operation. Representatives of the Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) industry have attended the first OTA2 Executive and the Chair of the WLR/CPS Commercial Forum has agreed to be the liaison between the WLR/CPS Commercial Forum and the OTA2 Exec to ensure they are properly represented within the OTA2 scheme. A new Director has joined the OTA, he is Mark Dalziel and he will also be working on NGNuk projects.

A reminder of the OTA2 In-scope Products is below:

Local Loop Unbundling, (including Metallic Path Facility, Shared Metallic Path Facility, Sub-loop Unbundling and relevant support services, including air conditioning and power), Backhaul Extension Service and Wholesale Extension Backhaul; Wholesale Line Rental / Carrier Pre-Selection; Geographic number portability and broadband of both BT and other Communications Providers where migration impacts may occur; and others as necessary and reasonably agreed from time to time;

The OTA has a number of major challenges in hand and they have been carried through into the OTA2 scheme.

The key LLU challenges for the OTA2 are:

  • Tactical Improvement of the Migrations Processes & Industry-wide adoption
  • Fully Unbundled Line (MPF) Processes Further Industrialised and Sustainable Quality Improvements
  • EMP Quality and Stability of surrounding support processes becoming a non issue
  • Strategic Solutions for the Migrations Processes

We have yet to agree the key initiatives that may be needed in the other OTA2 product areas and await issues being raised through the relevant Industry fora.

The LLU Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines had a few problems in the month, although some green shoots of recovery were evident in the latter part of the month. The SMPF results continue to outperform the MPF results by approximately 10%. The OTA will continue to work with Openreach and CPs to enhance the processes, for MPF

Migrations; Key updates as follows;-

  • Migrations KPI - We have produced a draft Migrations Headline KPI that will demonstrate whether the Industry and therefore End-Users are benefiting from the actions being put in place by Ofcom and Industry and the initiatives being driven by the newly formed ‘Migrations Programme Board. (See KPIs).
  • Homemovers – A comprehensive action plan has now been developed and agreed which will deliver a range of enhancements to the ‘homemovers’ migration process (i.e. Simultaneous Provide process). This process will also enable seamless migrations ‘away from MPF’
  • Tags on the Line – A detailed action plan aimed at reducing/eliminating the incidence of ‘Tags on the Line’ is being produced in readiness for review/sign-off at the next Migrations Programme board, 15th May.

Bulk & Mass Migrations; the programme is progressing well although volumes have reduced slightly due to the bank holiday season.

Assurance; Both SMPF & MPF Repair (40 hour) performance have continued to deteriorate with MPF continuously lagging SMPF by approx. 10%. Openreach have a number of improvement activities in train which are designed to get performance back on track by end-June 2007.

Backhaul delivery continues to perform satisfactorily

Comingling delivery performance has once again started to improve after stalling for a number of weeks. However volumes have been lower of late. Openreach will have to keep focussed as the volumes rise again in coming weeks.

EMP – EMP’s Service availability performance in March was well below SLA target (95.2% vs 99.8%) prompting a fresh examination of platform reliability generally.

EMP Message response times (e.g. KCI-3 completion messages) are a particular cause for concern which OTA are reviewing with openreach directly.

Another major issue regarding late/missing cease notifications driving data ‘mismatches’ between CPs and OR/BTW has been the subject of an internal ‘BT’ investigation and an action plan to eliminate the underlying cause(s) is under review with OTA at present.

The First Touch Last Touch performance for all orders is shown in the KPI (See KPI). This measurement focuses on OR’s Delivery performance to CRD (Customer Required Date). Whilst overall performance fluctuated in the month due to systems and process issues, there is some evidence of a recovery in the latter part of the month. This remains however an area of particular focus for Openreach and the OTA supported by MPF CPs. OTA is working with OR and CPs to create an SOR for the re-engineering of the end to end MPF process. Good support for a workshop has been indicated through CPs’ responses.

It is excellent that we have achieved well over 2 million lines unbundled for LLU.

However we must avoid complacency as the quality and consistency in some areas still requires laser-like attention. So the sustainable execution of the Service Improvement Plans from Openreach and the successful full introduction of EMP and the CPs’ transition onto it remain critical to ongoing success.

The use of EMP by all CPs is also a key stepping stone towards achieving seamless Migrations for End-users.

OTA2 will focus on:

  1. EMP performance and CP adoption
  2. Fit for purpose Migrations processes & CP adoption;
  3. Plans to industrialise MPF processes
  4. BAU performance measurement, improvement and publication.
  5. New In-Scope Products - Strategic/Major Issues


Peter McD. Black

Executive Chairman