OTA Update for May 2007

There are now 2.25 million unbundled LLU lines, 4.2 million WLR lines and 6.2 million telephone numbers using CPS.

The overall situation across the Openreach product set that OTA2 is actively involved with seems to be relatively stable, although still missing some key targets. Some improvements are visible as is some continuing volatility.

The combined (MPF/SMPF) LLU Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines has remained stable averaging 92% (vs 98% target). MPF continues to lag SMPF by approximately 10% although a long term improving trend is evident. An OTA2 KPI for WLR is being created with the help of the WLR Industry.

Migrations: Key updates as follows:-

  • Migrations KPI – This new KPI captures a high-level (weekly) view of the ratio of End-user migration-related complaints to the total volume of End-user order transactions across the industry. The base data is currently derived from the Ofcom & BTW Tags call centres & work is in hand to capture a similar data feed from each CP in order to complete the full picture.
  • Although still early days, we are beginning to see an improving trend resulting from the increased focus being applied across the industry. Under the stewardship of the Migrations Programme Board, a number of key work streams are now underway which have been designed to deliver step improvements in the coming months.
  • Industry engagement in the programme has been excellent to date & this will need to be maintained if our objectives are to be achieved.

LLU Bulk & Mass Migrations: the programme is progressing well although volumes are currently quite low.

LLU Assurance: MPF Repair (40 hour) performance continues to lag SMPF by approx. 10% (73% vs 87%-SMPF vs 98% Industry Target). Some improvement has been evident in recent weeks regarding the MPF ‘Repair in 20hrs’ product. Openreach are developing plans to close this gap (i.e. MPF vs SMPF) and raise performance to meet the Industry’s requirements. OTA2 will be increasing their focus in this area.

BES Backhaul delivery continues to perform satisfactorily, although against low volumes.

LLU Comingling delivery performance has been somewhat volatile in recent weeks despite the lower volumes. As volumes pick up in the coming weeks Openreach will need to maintain very tight control of the full end to end process in order to achieve the 95% delivery target.

WLR: In the WLR product & process area we are in “discovery mode”, we are talking to key players and Openreach to understand and quantify issues that concern the WLR CPs.

EMP – EMP Availability performance in May was badly impacted due to a Release Upgrade which over-ran significantly. This caused major disruption to CPs as they were unable to trade throughout Sat, 19th May. A full report is awaited but initial de-brief raises fresh concerns regarding the day to day management of EMP.

EMP ‘Service Completion’ Messages - A major performance issue has recently been exposed regarding timely receipt of the ‘Order completion message’ (i.e. from EMP to CP). CPs are critically dependent on timely receipt of this message as it allows them to complete their own tasks (inc Billing) before confirming service has been successfully delivered to their End user. Openreach have initiated an urgent review of this problem to identify both short & medium term solutions.

The First Touch Last Touch performance for all orders is shown in the KPI. This measurement focuses on OR’s Delivery performance to CRD (Customer Required Date). SMPF & MPF performance remain stable with MPF now tracking a long term improving trend which, if maintained will close the gap with SMPF.

Whilst it is encouraging to note the continuing rapid growth of LLU, there are some areas which still require laser-like attention. So the sustainable execution of the Service Improvement Plans from Openreach and the successful full introduction of EMP and the CPs’ transition onto it remain critical to ongoing success.

The use of EMP by all CPs is also a key stepping stone towards achieving seamless Migrations for End-users.

OTA2 will focus on:

  1. EMP performance and CP adoption
  2. Fit for purpose Migrations processes & CP adoption;
  3. Plans to industrialise MPF processes
  4. BAU performance measurement, improvement and publication.
  5. New In-Scope Products - Strategic/Major Issues


Peter McD. Black

Executive Chairman