OTA Update for June 2007

There are now 2.42 million unbundled LLU lines, 4.28 million WLR lines and 6.13 million telephone numbers using CPS.

The overall situation across the Openreach product set, that OTA2 is actively involved with, continues to be relatively stable, however quality improvements seem to have slowed, mostly short of the agreed target. We are actively working with Openreach on their initiatives to keep the improvements going.

The combined (MPF/SMPF) LLU Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines has remained stable averaging 92% (98% target). MPF continues to lag SMPF at 85% although a long term improving trend is evident. An OTA KPI for WLR is being created with the help of the WLR Industry, Openreach report WLR at 97% RFT.

Welcome to Helen Dibblin who has joined the OTA team.

Migrations Programme Board (MPB): The new Overall KPI is tracking an improving trend; the target has been achieved for 1st time (See Migrations KPI)

  • Tags, the latest analysis reveals a clear opportunity for CPs to reduce the volume of ‘avoidable’ calls which are currently miss-directed to the BTW Help desk. The OTA is working on a bi-lateral basis with individual CPs to understand their specific action plans.
  • The Sim-Provide process needs enhancements to make it Fit for Purpose for CPs to use to enable seamless processes for ‘Homemovers’ & migrations away from MPF/Cable. Enhancements may be in jeopardy due to slippages of the EMP Release schedules OTA escalation is in progress with OR CIO.

We are pleased to welcome Virgin Media to the MPB.

LLU Bulk & Mass Migrations: the programme continues though volumes are currently quite low.

LLU Assurance: MPF Repair performance (40 hour) continues to lag SMPF although the gap is beginning to close (now down to 6%). However, MPF Repair performance (20 hour) at 60% still lags SMPF by approx. 15% . On all counts, Repair performance remains woefully short of the 98% Industry Target. Openreach are developing plans to close this gap (i.e. MPF vs. SMPF) and raise performance to meet the Industry’s requirements. OTA2 are increasing their focus in this area.

BES Backhaul delivery continues to perform satisfactorily, although against low volumes.

LLU Comingling: Delivery has returned to target against low volumes although forward looking forecasts show volume increasing significantly

WLR: In the WLR product & process area we continue in “discovery mode”, we are talking to key players and Openreach to understand and quantify issues that concern the WLR CPs.

The FCS (Federation of Communications Services) visited the OTA to present their members view on the Functionality and Performance concerns with WLR3. OTA will be discussing these issues urgently with Openreach.

Those WLR operators who are actively developing for WLR3 and have signed up to the OTA2 MOU will be invited to attend a section of the SSIG (EMP CP/OR Implementation Group) to share their experiences and take part in prioritising issues going forward.

EMP: Availability performance has improved from previous months.

However, OTA & Industry remain concerned regarding the frequency & duration of scheduled outages.

OTA & Industry are also concerned regarding overall Release timeline and diminishing scope of deliverables.

A credible way forward was presented by Openreach aimed at improving the KCI3 message response time (from 3-4hrs to max 60 minutes) – We are awaiting sight of the full implementation plan.

FTLT (First Touch Last Touch Provisioning) : Performance stable, SMPF is flat month on month; MPF is on a long-term improving trend. The gap with SMPF is closing
OTA is leading an Industry initiative aimed at ‘industrialising’ the MPF processes in anticipation of increased demand over next 1-2yrs

Increased focus on Dead on Arrivals (DOAs) re-defined to capture all faults reported within 8 days (up from 4 days) – MPF DOAs now at 5-6%, SMPF @ 3-4%

The Service Management Forum chaired by John Small (MD Service OR) is working well, it is well attended –and focussing on all the major problem areas

A Review of progress across range of improvement initiatives has been initiated:

  • To reduce DOAs by introducing enhanced testing & tools
  • To improve SMC effectiveness in supporting CPs
  • To improve the effectiveness of the OR Systems Support help desk
  • To improve MPF Repair performance as it is 10-15% worse than SMPF
  • And specific plans to unblock ‘blocked’ exchanges

New areas of OTA focus are Sub Loop Unbundling (SLU) and Openreach Product SLA/SLGs.

Ofcom has asked the OTA to set up Industry sub-loop unbundling coordination group. To satisfy this request from Ofcom OTA is visiting CPs with significant interest in SLU to discuss their views of possible business models and what would be needed to deliver them operationally. We will form a group of SLU interested parties in the near future. Letter to OTA2 from David Clarkson, Ofcom.

SLA/SLG Review: Ofcom has also asked OTA to help establish what Industry requires of Openreach in the SLA/SLG components of contracts that will create the best possible intent within Openreach to continuously improve quality. OTA has established what the Industry view is. Key areas of interest for Industry are: Clarity; Simplicity; Caveat free; Significant Impact; Automatic; Based on First Touch Last touch principles. OTA has been actively discussing approaches with Openreach with a view to advising Ofcom of our view on the way forward in the very near future.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  1. EMP performance and CP adoption
  2. Fit for purpose Migrations processes & CP adoption;
  3. Plans to industrialise MPF processes
  4. BAU performance measurement, improvement and publication.
  5. New In-Scope Products - Strategic/Major Issues EG: WLR3
  6. SLA/SLGs



Peter McD. Black

Executive Chairman