OTA Update for September 2007

There are now 3.195 million unbundled LLU lines, another major milestone in the rollout of LLU in the UK. As the volumes rise the importance of reaching the quality targets and the bedding down of good migrations processes becomes ever more important to CPs and End–Users alike.

There are 4.36 million WLR lines and 5.81 million telephone numbers using CPS.

Service Quality has shown little improvement on last month with the exception of MPF provisioning performance which is now showing signs of an improving trend.

Unfortunately, the underlying failure rate for mainstream repair performance (i.e. SMPF/MPF/WLR) continues at an unacceptably high level (15-25%) & remains substantially short of agreed targets.

Service Level Agreement/Service Level Guarantees Review:

Further to last month’s update, I can report that Ofcom have now initiated a formal review of SLA/SLG components within existing contracts for LLU, WLR and Ethernet products. This review has a very high priority within Ofcom & the current plan is to consult with industry during November with a view to communicating ‘Final Statements’ as soon as possible thereafter.

Integrated Improvement Plan: Openreach recently updated the OTA Executive in respect of actual service levels achieved versus the staircase targets contained within the plan. All elements of the plan appear to be on track except for MPF transfers and MPF repair which are undershooting agreed staircase targets. This shortfall needs additional Executive focus to ensure performance is brought back in line with the plan as soon as possible.

Industry expectation is that the initiatives contained within this plan will deliver the urgent improvements needed to progress beyond the Service level ‘plateau’ currently experienced and drive us toward the agreed target levels.

The combined (MPF/SMPF) LLU Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines has improved slightly averaging 94% (98% target). MPF continues to lag SMPF by approximately 8%. This metric represents an ‘industry aggregate’ view of SMPF/MPF delivery performance & is derived from data feeds collected directly from CPs.

Migrations Programme Board (MPB): Unfortunately the Headline Migrations KPI has started to deviate from Target primarily due to the fact that a number of planned improvement activities have slipped beyond agreed target dates & have yet to deliver

Workstream updates as follows:-

  • Tags on the line - Most CPs (not all) have struggled to implement the actions needed to improve their own capability to resolve End-User Tag-related issues at 1st Point of contact. OTA continue to liaise bilaterally with all CPs to ensure credible plans are in place, and fully underpinned by appropriate internal Executive sponsorship.
  • All CPs are urged to raise their game on this front in order to bring the KPI back on track as soon as possible.
  • Simultaneous Provide Process (for seamless ‘Homemovers’ and migrations away from MPF/Cable) - OTA continue to encourage all CPs to start using the existing process as soon as possible in readiness for when the EMP enhancements go-live in December 07. This process will additionally ‘blast’ away any Tags which might otherwise get in the way of a seamless migration/home move.
  • EMP Adoption – This is a major enabler towards establishing ‘seamless’ End User migrations processes. Most LLU CPs are either using EMP or had plans in place to do so by end-Sept’07. Unfortunately these plans are slipping for various reasons & OTA are taking a more direct interest in driving all parties towards successful adoption of the platform as soon as possible.

LLU Bulk & Mass Migrations: Weekly Bulk & Mass Migration throughput volumes have returned to normal levels whilst quality has improved slightly.

LLU Comingling & Backhaul delivery continues to perform satisfactorily, although weekly volumes remain quite low.

WLR: Whilst Provisioning performance has been stable throughout the month, Repair performance continues to run substantially below par. and this element of the Openreach ‘Integrated Plan’ clearly needs further development. .

EMP: In-Life Availability performance has continued to remain stable. EMP development remains problematic with Quality issues surfacing at various points in the development cycle from Requirements definition through to Testing, Pilot & On-ramp. Whilst some CPs are now ‘on-ramped’ successfully to EMP, these ‘quality’ issues are beginning to impede the ability of remaining CPs (LLU & WLR) to adopt EMP in line with their own development plans. OTA are very keen to identify any other issues which may be impeding progress & to that end, will be attending the regular Bilateral ‘Pilot’ reviews (CP/OR) which are already in train.

First Touch Last Touch (FTLT) Provisioning: As previously mentioned SMPF/MPF Performance has plateau’d although there are signs of an improving trend in respect of MPF transfers in recent weeks.

An SOR aimed at ‘industrialising’ the MPF processes has been produced and this now awaits formal response from Openreach to trigger the steps improvements needed. Openreach have committed to respond by 8th October.

Sub Loop Unbundling (SLU): The inaugural meeting of the SLU Industry Coordination group was held on the 3rd October. The meeting set out the TOR for the group in looking to address the product process and commercial issues.

Two initial activities have been instigated, firstly the tasking of DSL Task Group to confirm their previous view that there was room for the deployment of SLU in the current structure of the ANFP in sufficient volumes, and the creation of a scope for a trial. Secondly the development of detailed set of CP requirements which will drive the product’s fit for purpose development.

OTA is continuing with the information gathering process looking at the potential for SLU. A meeting is being held with Openreach technical strategy group to review the opportunities for technical innovation in the product.

OTA will continue to focus on:

  1. EMP Release Plans & Scope (LLU/WLR)
  2. EMP performance and CP adoption (LLU/WLR)
  3. Fit for Purpose Migrations processes & CP adoption;
  4. Plans to industrialise MPF processes
  5. BAU performance measurement, improvement and publication.
  6. SLA/SLG – we await the results of Ofcom’s review and are ready to re-engage if required at the implementation stage, once the way forward is defined.

Peter McD. Black
Executive Chairman OTA


Peter McD. Black

Executive Chairman