OTA Update for October 2007

There are now 3.363 million unbundled LLU lines. Almost all current market forecasts are showing a flattening of the trend for new lines and therefore more churn is expected as customers come to the end of minimum term contracts with existing suppliers and look around for better deals. Our push for continued improvement in reaching the agreed quality targets and the bedding down of good migrations processes has been in anticipation of this trend and will become even more important to CPs and End–Users alike.

There are 4.41 million WLR lines and 5.78 million telephone numbers using CPS.

Service Quality performance is starting to show encouraging signs of improvement from the fairly flat trends we have witnessed in the last few months. Service levels for mainstream SMPF & MPF provisioning & repair are beginning to track the agreed staircase improvement targets.

Service Level Agreement/Service Level Guarantees Review:

Ofcom are in the process of their formal review of SLA/SLG components within existing contracts for LLU, WLR and Ethernet products. This review has a very high priority within Ofcom & the current plan is to consult with industry during November with a view to communicating ‘Final Statements’ as soon as possible thereafter.

LLU Integrated Improvement Plan: Openreach recently updated the OTA Executive in respect of actual service levels achieved versus the staircase targets contained within the plan. All elements of the plan appear to be on track except for MPF repair which, although improving, remains slightly short of agreed staircase targets.

In addition to the LLU Integrated Improvement Plan, Openreach have begun discussions with the OTA on the development of a separate WLR plan.

Industry expectation is that the initiatives contained within these plans will deliver the step improvements needed to achieve & sustain the ultimate target levels (i.e. 98% & 95% for Provision & Repair respectively).

The combined (MPF/SMPF) LLU Right First Time delivery of business as usual (BAU) unbundled lines continues to show slight improvement month on month with performance now averaging 95% (98% target). This metric represents an ‘industry aggregate’ view of SMPF/MPF delivery performance & is derived from data feeds collected directly from CPs.

Migrations Programme Board (MPB): The Headline Migrations KPI, which had started to deviate from Target in September, is now tracking an improving trend. This is largely attributable to a welcome reduction in Tag related calls from Service Provider call centre agents (and end-users), into the BT Wholesale Tags help desk.

Over the next 2-3 months, a number of key EMP developments are planned to be delivered by Openreach which, in addition to CP-specific improvements, will drive further significant reductions in Migration related issues associated with end-users seeking to switch suppliers and/or move home.

LLU Bulk Migrations: Weekly Bulk Migration throughput volumes are stable and quality continues to improve slightly, with performance now very close to the agreed target of 98%.

LLU Comingling & Backhaul delivery continues to perform satisfactorily, although weekly volumes remain quite low.

WLR: Whilst Provisioning performance shows slight signs of improvement, repair performance continues to run substantially below the required level. As we develop the Openreach ‘Integrated Plan’ for WLR this is an area which will require close attention.

EMP: In-Life Availability performance has continued to remain stable although the recent R600 upgrade over-ran slightly.

Those CPs not already on-ramped to EMP are now well advanced in their Pilot testing phase and remain on-track to be fully on-ramped by end Jan’08 or sooner. OTA continue to ‘sit-in’ on the regular Bilateral reviews (i.e. CP/OR) to assist as necessary.

First Touch Last Touch (FTLT) Provisioning: All areas of mainstream provisioning performance are showing encouraging signs of improvement.

An SOR aimed at ‘industrialising’ the MPF processes has been produced and we have now received a formal response from Openreach. We have provided feedback to Openreach on their response and an acceptable (final) response is anticipated imminently.

Sub Loop Unbundling (SLU): A Sub Loop Industry Coordination Group has been created. The group’s purpose is to develop the Sub loop product to be fit for purpose. The inaugural meeting was held in October. The second SLU Coordination Meeting is planned for 5th November. Areas to be covered are the creation of a realistic trial that will test the complete Product, its supporting processes and technical capabilities.

OTA will continue to focus on:

  1. EMP Release Plans & Scope (LLU/WLR)
  2. EMP performance and CP adoption (LLU/WLR)
  3. Fit for Purpose Migrations processes & CP adoption;
  4. Plans to industrialise MPF processes
  5. The Implementation of the Integrated Improvement Plans from Openreach.
  6. BAU performance measurement, improvement and publication.


Peter McD. Black

Executive Chairman