OTA2 Update for December 2008

We have shortened our December report due to limited progress on many fronts as a result of the Christmas and New Year break. Our January report will give a fuller update and will be published at the beginning of February.

At the end of December, the number of unbundled lines now stands at 5.51 million. There are 5.32 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 4.16 million.

During December we were asked to facilitate discussions between industry and Openreach on systems related priorities, Ofcom issued a press release as follows:

Ofcom to consider key IT systems priorities to support the needs of communications providers and BT’s ongoing Undertakings commitments
Press Release refers:

As part of the project to consider the scope for Openreach to refocus its systems-related resources, the OTA2 has been tasked by Ofcom to facilitate discussions between CPs and Openreach in order to help reach a consensus view on Industry’s requirements and next steps. As part of this process and together with Openreach, the OTA2 will participate in a series of Industry bi-lateral discussions throughout January and a multi-lateral workshop on the 9th of January. We are hoping to report our initial findings to Ofcom before the end of January.

OTA2 Strategy for 2009
-The OTA2 has received a significant amount of feedback from all stakeholders on its draft strategy for 2009. In general, the feedback from Industry was that there was still much to do in driving improvements and that the OTA2 should continue to focus as an ‘honest broker’ and not have a prescriptive remit. However, the form of the majority of the feedback was such that, whilst relevant, stakeholders were mainly commenting on areas of Openreach or CP strategy, rather than an OTA2-specific strategy.

As there were no significant objections to the strategy we proposed, we are taking the view that the strategy holds, and we should now use the feedback received to develop plans to deal with issues of concern to the stakeholders. We have already presented a summary of the feedback to the OTA2 Executive meeting at the end of November and as a result of that presentation and discussion we agreed to work with Openreach to develop a plan to address the issues raised. It is our intention to present the plan to the next OTA2 Executive meeting which will be at the end of January and we will circulate it to all of the respondents who contributed to our planning process.

Migrations Programme – The overall Headline Migrations KPI is consistently inside the target. The main data feed which sits behind this KPI (i.e. Volume of Tag calls received by BTW Tags help desk) has ceased following the transition to a new (portal-based) function within Openreach (Openreach Tags Resolution Facility – OTRF). Coupled with the fact that performance is now substantially improved, this KPI is being withdrawn & will no longer appear in future updates.

A new suite of performance reports based on the new OTRF has been established and will continue to be monitored by OTA on a weekly basis & reviewed with Industry stakeholders at the bi-monthly MPBs (Migration Programme Boards).

The Migrations Programme Board (MPB) will continue to develop the ‘Best Practice Guide for Broadband Migrations & Home moves’. The current version of the Guide is now available via the OTA Web-site

Migrations - forward look: Through the Migrations Programme Board, the OTA2 will continue to work with Industry stakeholders to develop the Best Practice Guide and to monitor Industry’s adoption/compliance. Further process development is needed to ensure End Users can seamlessly migrate their services between LLU, 21C and NGA platforms once they are deployed.

The OTA2 will continue to enlist Ofcom enforcement (General Condition 22) support as necessary to ensure ALL stakeholders stay focused.

Service Levels - Our KPI charts now include the ‘stair-case’ improvement targets which Openreach have signed-up to.

  • LLU/WLR Provision & Repair – Performance has been relatively stable although Repair is beginning to lag the agreed Staircase improvement targets
  • Ethernet Provision & Repair – Performance continues to improve & consistently exceeds the agreed targets.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • Industry requirements for Ofcom projects
  • Key Product development programmes
  • EMP issues (in-life & development)
  • WLR3 Roadmap to achieve WLR2 parity
  • Best practice migrations processes & CP adoption
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • NGA
  • Exchange Space & Power – Capacity & Flexibility issues



Rod Smith