OTA2 Update for August 2010


At the end of August another significant milestone had been reached with the number of unbundled lines now exceeding 7 Million (7.03 million). This means that, of the total of circa 19 million broadband lines in the UK (including Cable), more than a third are delivered via unbundled lines. This demonstrates that growth seems to be continuing in a very healthy direction and that the Competitive landscape continues to serve the needs of consumers.

There are 6.09 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 3.24 million.


This update is in our new format where we will now publish a full update quarterly, with an interim report in the other months, concentrating on the KPI’s that so many people seem to find useful. Our next full report will be published for the October update in the more familiar format.

During August we have made good progress on our review of Erroneous Transfer issues and have published a draft Best Practice Guide to the CP community and are currently awaiting feedback prior to final publication. The key challenge is to get them introduced quickly and we will be looking for all parties to co-operate fully in order to reduce the instance of this problem.

We continue to refine the list of proposed improvements to the existing migrations processes and have agreed with stakeholders that we will concentrate effort on the AoT (Advice of Transfer) process and have issued the recommended improvements to industry for them to implement.

We have completed our work on the scope and implementation of the BCMR, and we continue to work on the implementation of the Minimum Security standard.

We will provide more detail in our full update in October.

Service Levels

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

  • Provisioning & Repair performance (LLU & WLR) - At our recent OTA2 Executive meeting, Openreach provided a comprehensive update on a number of service issues which have arisen over the last 2-3 months which has badly affected their ability to deliver an acceptable service.
  • To compound the situation, the regular performance reporting which all parties (inc. Openreach management) rely on to see if targets are being met, has also been ‘out of commission’ throughout the same period.
  • This is a difficult situation and Openreach are fully aware of the urgent need to recover the situation and to re-establish credible performance reporting as soon as possible.

Due to the systems reporting issues referred to above we are unable to provide an update to the metrics as reported last month. Therefore we attach the KPI’s without update from last month and hope to return to normal next report.

  • Plan & Build performance (LLU) – Similarly, there are major performance issues impacting timely delivery of new/expanded POP-site facilities. Openreach presented a comprehensive assessment of root causes and detailed plans to address them.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • 18 month Development Roadmap - implementation & change control
  • EMP consumption issues
  • Documentation issues
  • Data Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process development
  • Connectivity Services - Product Issues
  • Connectivity Services Process Development
  • Current migrations processes-Critical Review
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers activity
  • Fixed line porting - Improvements
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Migrations Process development for NGA to/from Copper
  • Minimum Security Standards
  • Displaced Mobile Emergency Calls
  • Openreach Ethernet strategic Product review
  • BCMR principles agreement

    Rod Smith