OTA2 Update for November 2010

At the end of November the number of unbundled lines (i.e. MPF + SMPF) installed has now reached 7.42 million and Openreach workstack levels continue at an all-time high due to a combination of on-going operational performance issues and unprecedented demand volumes.

On the Telephony front there are 6.24 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 3.10 million.


This update is in our revised shortened format. We plan to publish a full update quarterly, with the shorter interim report in the other months, concentrating on the KPI’s that so many people find useful. Our next full report will be published for the January update, in the more familiar format. The following is an interim update on some important areas of our work:

Ofcom Consultation - Strategic Review of Consumer Switching

In support of its public consultation, Ofcom have set up a new ‘Switching Working Group’ (SWG), whereby Industry & Ofcom will meet regularly over the next 4 months to develop a range of possible ‘switching process models’. The objective is to identify the best 2 candidates and to develop more detailed specifications.

The output from the SWG will help to inform the 2nd stage of this consultation which Ofcom intend to launch next Spring.

OTA2 are facilitating the SWG and Industry Stakeholders (whether they are participating directly or not) can access the SWG documentation via the following link;

Minimum Security Standard

Article 13 of the EU Framework Directive addresses the security and integrity of networks and it is anticipated that this will come into force via UK legislation in May 2011. Ofcom have recently stated that compliance with the Minimum Security Standard (ND1643) will be treated as creating a presumption of compliance with the provisions of the new framework relating to interconnection. NICC are expected to publish an updated version of the Standard early in 2011 and NGNuk are working to establish an accredited certification scheme in support of this.


Following guidance from Ofcom, the OTA2 will now set about discharging its ask in establishing the difference between Openreach’s Reference Offer (RO) for VULA and specific Industry requirements that fall within the Ofcom VULA framework and can be supported by genuine market opportunity. To achieve this OTA2 will use the Business Industry Forum, which has been recently set up to distil any VULA bound business requirements. We will also meet with a representative range of CP’s to ascertain the additional requirements for consumer services which will be brought together in an Industry working group with Openreach, that will be subsequently held. The OTA2 will then establish a list of concerns that will be tested against reasonable demand for review with Ofcom. A fuller programme of activity will be published directly to Industry in due course.

Passive Infrastructure Access

The OTA2 is working with Openreach and industry to ensure that the draft reference offer due to be published (14th January) and the subsequent period of 3 months, firming up the detail, delivers a product which meets the CP expectations. A detailed programme plan mapping out the steps to getting to a consumable product will be published to the industry working group.

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

  • Rod Smith