OTA2 Update for November 2011

At the end of November, the number of unbundled lines stands at 7.87 million. There are 6.18 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 2.67 million.


This is a shortened format update concentrating on the KPI’s that so many people find useful. We plan to publish our next full update for the month of January 2012 and the following is an interim update on some important areas of our work:

New ‘Backstop’ SLG (Service Level Guarantee)

The initial three CP’s required to submit forecasts, TalkTalk, Sky and BT Retail have now completed two cycles with Openreach. The process has been successful in establishing how the CP’s business plans impact the way Openreach organise its manpower to accommodate visits for new line provision. This process will help establish the tolerance level for triggering SLG payments.

Work is now in progress to determine when and how KPI reports will be produced and published. More details will be available in the next update.

OTA2 Improvement Workstreams

  • Improve Cancellation Rates

The OTA2 are now reviewing with the initial three forecasting CP’s details of cancellation rates and any system or process behaviour that may contribute. The focus has primarily been on three days prior and up to CCD (customer committed date).

  • Review Appointment Process

The OTA2 and Openreach have reviewed the key process elements that may contribute to unnecessary appointments and are now assembling a volume assessment of possible opportunities.

  • Encourage Adoption of Best Practices like Working Line Takeover (WLTO)

An initial review is underway again focussing on opportunities of maximum benefit. The OTA2 will engage with CP’s as soon as the initial work is completed.

  • Improve Address Matching Rates

The OTA2 and Openreach are now holding weekly reviews on possible improvements that can be made to the current system in advance of any strategic change. Current opportunities are now being progressed through business case stage.

  • MBORC(Matters Beyond Openreach’s Reasonable Control) – Review process impact on SLG

The OTA2has made some observations on the proposed Openreach and is awaiting feedback on these.

  • Review Process of Offered Appointments

The work in this area has now concluded and will be presented back at the next OTA2 executive.

Service Performance

  • Provision & Repair

National average provisioning lead times have remained steady at 11 days although regional averages range from 7-14 days, and are largely influenced by localised weather conditions and the knock-on impact this is having on repair volumes.

Openreach are re-examining their resourcing strategy in light of the on-going increases being experienced in terms of repair volumes (i.e. higher than previously forecast)

LLU ‘dead on arrivals’ continue at a high level (2-3%) with no discernible improvement yet evident.

EMP Systems performance (i.e. B2B/Portal trading interface) has been very stable.

  • Plan & Build

OTA2 will be hosting a new ‘Plan & Build Industry Forum’ in December (5th Dec) in response to growing concerns expressed by CPs (Copper & Ethernet communities) across a wide range of issues relating to Delivery lead-time performance & so-called ‘black exchanges’ requiring some form of space, power & frame relief.

Service Levels

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • New ‘backstop’ SLG for appointed orders
  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process development
  • Ethernet Services Process Development
  • Ethernet Product development
  • Strategic Review of Consumer Switching
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers activity
  • Fixed line porting - Improvements
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Minimum Security Standards
  • PIA - Passive Infrastructure Access
  • VULA – Virtual unbundled line access
  • Plan & Build Performance Issues
  • Plan & Build – new SLA/SLG scheme
  • Fixed Number Port Process improvement

Rod Smith