OTA2 Update for March 2012

At the end of March, the number of unbundled lines stands at 8.24 million. There are 6.30 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 2.49 million.


We continue to work with industry and Openreach on an increasingly wide range of subjects. Openreach have now implemented their Service Level Guarantee scheme for appointed orders and we are working with all parties to improve forecast accuracy levels as quickly as possible as the scheme will have a dependency on accuracy from April onwards.

For the CP’s that are now forecasting appointed new provides we have gained agreement on the forecasting manual which will be referenced in part by the contract update.

In early April, OTA2 will be hosting a review with relevant Industry representatives on how differential service that is linked to forecasting may be executed. This will be very much a sharing of initial ideas to shape how this could be taken forward. As previously reported, we undertook to propose a number of additional initiatives aimed at improving efficiency or reducing lead times for consumers. We have worked closely with stakeholders and have now tabled our proposal. We will give a more detailed update in our longer quarterly update at the end of April.

We have now completed our report on the SoR (Statement of Requirement) process. We have written to the EAB to share our findings and will present to all our industry stakeholders at the OTA2 Executive meeting in April. We have also been reviewing with Openreach the status of the remaining OIC’s (Openreach Industry Commitments) that were promises made by BT to Ofcom on capabilities they would embed within their portfolio. There are a number still outstanding after several years and we would like to agree a closure plan

OTA2 have also sent out further details from Openreach on address matching with a request to furnish Openreach on benefits or problems in pursuing different approaches.

Ofcom have been reviewing the issues around silent and nuisance calls and in discussion with OTA2 and have requested that OTA2 investigate the possibility of introducing a best practice for network exchange of CLI’s and status. This will be initially reviewed at the next CPCG.

As always we are supporting our stakeholders across a broad range of issues and will provide a fuller update in our fuller quarterly report in April

Service Levels

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

OTA2 Industry Meetings

OTA2 has published the schedule of industry meetings for 2012. These are available via the ‘CP Info’ tab on this website.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • New ‘backstop’ SLG for appointed orders
  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process development
  • Connectivity Services Process Development
  • Ethernet strategic Product review
  • Strategic Review of Consumer Switching
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers activity
  • Fixed line porting - Improvements
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Minimum Security Standards
  • PIA - Passive Infrastructure Access
  • VULA – Virtual unbundled line access
  • Plan & Build Performance Issues
  • Plan & Build – new SLA/SLG scheme

Rod Smith