OTA2 Update for May 2012

At the end of April the number of unbundled lines stands at 8.36 million. There are 6.32 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 2.43 million.


‘Backstop’ SLG (Service Level Guarantee) for Appointed Orders - As previously reported, Ofcom asked OTA2 to facilitate the introduction of an SLG for appointed orders. Although Openreach introduced the initial scheme from the 1 January 2012, no payments have yet been made as the required contract amendments have yet to be signed by the CPs concerned. This is because there is still some discussion around the precise implementation of the scheme.

All of the three initial participating CPs have now formalised their forecasting processes and improvements are being seen although there is still some way to go before meaningful and useful forecasts are routinely produced.

In support of the overall programme, OTA2 have also been tasked to run a series of improvement programmes in parallel to streamline the provision process as much as possible.

Plan & Build - On a different front, OTA2 have now hosted 3 ‘Plan & Build’ industry meetings and feedback, so far, from all stakeholders (including Openreach) has been very positive with improvements becoming evident in reducing plan and build cycle times and industry engagement generally.

As always we are supporting our stakeholders across a broad range of issues and will provide a fuller update in our next quarterly report.

Ethernet Services

The EST (Ethernet Systems Transformation) programme went live in January for the Ethernet Access Direct EAD. CPs are now beginning to test the system and supporting processes utilising both the B2B gateway and the EST portal. CPs are raising some concerns over the system and highlighting gaps in the expected improved functionality as compared to the ECOx portal.

Openreach are in the process of developing a roadmap of systems improvements which will demonstrate how they will develop the system to address some of the CP issues, we await this document with much interest

Service Levels

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

OTA2 Industry Meetings

OTA2 has published the schedule of industry meetings for 2012. These are available via the ‘CP Info’ tab on this website.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • New ‘backstop’ SLG for appointed orders
  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process development
  • Connectivity Services Process Development
  • Ethernet strategic Product review
  • Strategic Review of Consumer Switching
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers activity
  • Fixed line porting - Improvements
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Minimum Security Standards
  • PIA - Passive Infrastructure Access
  • VULA – Virtual unbundled line access
  • Plan & Build Performance Issues
  • Plan & Build – new SLA/SLG scheme

Rod Smith