OTA2 Update for April 2013

At the end of April the number of unbundled lines stands at 9.02 million. There are 6.15 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 2.15 million.

This milestone of nine million unbundled lines represents a 70-fold increase since 2005, when there were just 123,000 unbundled lines in the UK and the majority of people could not access unbundled services.

SLG (Service Level Guarantee) for Appointed Orders – OTA2 Task updates

In support of the new backstop SLG scheme that has recently been introduced for Appointed Orders, OTA2 continue to press ahead with the ‘The OTA2 Tasks’ programme of work.

Task updates as follows: -

1. Late Cancellations
The original target set has been met. Reviews with all the CPs have concluded that all tasks other than missed appointments have been tackled. Given that Openreach have now launched an all embracing initiative to tackle missed appointments it would be sensible to allow this task to run and monitor the impact on visited late cancellations. CPs are in agreement with this approach.

2. Forced Provides (New OTA2 best practice guide for New Provision)
Again significant work has been done on this area and we are nearly at the point where the task would be considered completed. A final review is planned between the OTA2 and Openreach before recommending closure.

3. Full deployment of WLTO (Working Line Take-over)
All CPs have now fully deployed WLTO and are trying to optimise the use of the process. Following a period of observation and, if necessary, CP dialogue the initiative will be brought to a close.

4. ‘Never fail the customer twice’ (missed appointments)
Good progress has been made with a solution that uses the ‘amend’ capability coupled with potential SMC process. The only comment to make is that this SOR has taken around 18 months to move forward which CPs have considered as too slow. However it is recognised that considerable time and effort has been put in to get to this place.

5. Address Matching Best Practice
Overall all key CPs have now achieved a target of around 90% match with Gold address. The 10 % gap is either because the gold address is not optimal, or is subject to the new proposal below

New Tasks

6. Cancellations of faults reported within the day
Relevant CP’s are reviewing the data that shows that 10% of all faults raised are cancelled within 24 hours, potentially wasting appointments that could have been used elsewhere

7. No access
The main item to progress has been the appointment best practice guide which all CPs are reviewing in terms of compliance.

8. Address matching correction proposal
A draft proposal was shared with all CPs and comments recieved. A review workshop is planned but not yet set up.

Service Levels


The national average ‘first appointment date’ lead-time for provisioning has now been better than SLA (i.e. 13 working days) since February’13

The current national average is approx. 10.5 working days with only 1 region, North Wales/North Midlands, still above SLA at 19.8 working days for w/e 26th April.

For LLU and WLR Repair, the ‘right first time’ performance for care levels 1&2 has started to pick-up reversing the deteriorating trend which has been evident for the last 6-9 months.

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

Plan & Build

Following the serious supply chain issues which negatively impacted CP Pop-site deliveries since late last year, I am pleased to report that delivery performance has improved significantly in recent weeks with the backlog virtually back to normal and CDD performance (i.e. on time delivery) back up above 90%.

Ethernet Services

As previously reported the programme to upgrade the Systems that support the Ethernet Products has been placed into suspension (22nd February). There has been some good engagement with the CPs to understand the scale of the problems associated with the new system and its supporting operating model which Openreach are working through to try to remedy. We are still awaiting sight of the plan for restarting the programme and CPs are expressing concern that the time taken to get to a clear set of strategic goals for the system and for Openreach to share their thoughts on how any new model will work.

In terms of general service the Ethernet products are experiencing a deteriorating performance – there are problems with the delays in planning and the CPs are reporting increasing frustration with the responsiveness of Openreach in any direct communication (job controller answer times have increased significantly) and the jeopardy and escalation processes don’t seem to be as efficient as needed.

On a positive note the engagement with the Product Line is continuing to be very good, CP collaboration on future requirements and service improvement initiatives is very strong. The commercial group is now providing an excellent opportunity for dialogue on the products and the re-launched process group will start in earnest on May 8th.

Number Porting (Fixed Line)

As Chair of the Number Port Process & Commercial Group, OTA2 continue to direct the industry stakeholder community to focus on the most important issues and to drive the execution of badly needed improvements to the number porting processes.

The task is particularly challenging as the stakeholder community consists of very different CPs with very different self-interests. Where necessary, OTA2 provides an important conduit to/from the relevant Ofcom sections involved in Number Porting matters. (E.g. CPs seeking clarification of GC18)

To give an indication, the industry group is currently focused on the following issues/topics:

  • Order Handling Process performance – We now have a set of ‘performance’ reports which we review each month and that help to focus our actions for improvement.
  • Process Documentation – Collective effort in train to simplify and update the ‘legacy’ documentation that previously existed.
  • Process re-engineering – To re-engineer the order handling and activation processes to be less error prone and more efficient.
  • Reseller rights – To provide unambiguous clarification of reseller’s rights where number porting is involved.
  • Port activations process – Make the process simpler and less error prone
  • Out of Hours support – To establish a industry-wide OOH support capability to cater for the business community
  • ’999’ Emergency Services Database – CP data entry process review.
  • Openreach Service improvements programme – To oversee progress

Business Market Service Improvement Programme

Following representations by a number of CPs to Ofcom over the summer that Openreach was not addressing the needs of business focused CPs and their customers, leading to unacceptable levels of service for this group of CPs, a programme of work was initiated between significant number of Business CPs and Openreach to review what improvements might be achieved for copper based products (WLR, ISDN, MPF and SMPF). Good progress has been made against the Q1 objectives and those for Q2 agreed. A suite of Business KPIs has been developed which have identified some key variances with industry as a whole which are now being collaboratively analysed for root cause and to develop appropriate service improvements.

OTA2 Industry Meetings

OTA2 has published the schedule of industry meetings for 2013. These are available via the ‘CP Info’ tab on this website.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

The ‘OTA2 Tasks’ Programme to support new Backstop SLG scheme

  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process development
  • Connectivity Services Process Development
  • Ethernet strategic Product review
  • Strategic Review of Consumer Switching
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers activity
  • Fixed line number porting - Improvements
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Minimum Security Standards
  • Plan & Build Performance Issues
  • Business Market Service Improvements

Rod Smith