OTA2 Update for September 2013

At the end of August the number of unbundled lines stands at 9.25 million. There are 6.03 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 2.03 million.

SLG (Service Level Guarantee) for Appointed Orders – OTA2 Task updates

In support of the new backstop SLG scheme that has recently been introduced for Appointed Orders, OTA2 continue to press ahead with the ‘The OTA2 Tasks’ programme of work. A full update will be provided next month on all tasks. Highlights from recent activity are the publishing by Openreach of Best Practice Guides for 1) making an engineering appointment and 2) address matching. Both of these have been developed in cooperation with industry and the OTA2.

ELF (Early Life Failure) Concerns

The OTA2 have now set up workshops with two CP’s and Openreach to conduct a comprehensive review aimed at reducing ELF’s. A scenario model has been developed to test each case. This area is now considered as high priority with Openreach and approached CP’s committing dedicated time and resource to resolve.

Service Levels


The national average lead time for appointed copper provides has remained steady at approximately 11 working days with only 1 or 2 regional patches marginally outside the SLA of 13 working days due primarily to the effects of bad weather.

For LLU and WLR Repair, fault intake levels remain very high compared with previous years whilst the ‘right first time’ performance for all care levels during the month continues to perform at 60-70% with no obvious sign of improvement.

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.


Openreach are experiencing a significant rise in ‘escalation’ calls into their Customer Service Centres which has led to significant escalation-handling performance issues. This issue is being experienced across all product lines (i.e. Copper, Ethernet, Number Porting)

To combat this Openreach are introducing extra resources to handle the increased volume and have introduced a new escalation model for Copper and I2 to provide one contact resolution of issues wherever possible.

Plan & Build

Delivery performance continues to improve with CDD performance (i.e. on time delivery) now consistently above 90%.

OTA2 chair the Plan & Build industry forum and the engagement with CPs and Openreach has been very productive with major improvements delivered during the Jan-Aug’13 period.
A special session has been scheduled to focus specifically on ‘power-related’ issues raised by CPs

Ethernet Services

Ethernet Services are facing a number of difficult problems. CPs are reporting challenges with service delivery, escalations, the application of Deemed Consent to the majority of orders and continuing extended lead times for delivery.  Openreach and the CP community are engaging through the Service Forum and we are monitoring progress.

The work to formulate a way forward for the suspended EST is still under development, this is the subject of a planned 4 day hot house with CPs 24th to 28th September. This is proving to be a very difficult plan to develop as the demand for an improved product and the initiatives to improve the existing service delivery plus the need to have a system to support the Sync-E product all have influence on any systems proposals. The hope from the ‘Hot House’ is that we can formulate a picture of what good looks like for the medium term and work out how we transition from the current position.

The engagement with the Openreach Product Line is continuing to be very good, CP collaboration on future requirements and service improvement initiatives is very strong. The commercial group is now providing an excellent opportunity for dialogue on the products and the re-launched process group has started to deliver with good early engagement on the future product requirements.

Number Porting (Fixed Line)

As Chair of the Number Port Process & Commercial Group, OTA2 continue to direct the industry stakeholder community to focus on the most important issues and to drive the execution of badly needed improvements to the number porting processes.

Business Market Service Improvement Programme

Over 30 Business CPs are now involved in this activity which has started to deliver some BAU improvements and spawned several new business orientated product developments.

The key area of CP dissatisfaction had been the progress of improvements for jeopardy management. There has, however, been a recent step change in engagement on Copper and I2 with good collaboration on the introduction of a new escalations model launched on 23rd September, which also supports case management of complex escalations.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

The ‘OTA2 Tasks’ Programme to support new Backstop SLG scheme

  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process development
  • Connectivity Services Process Development
  • Ethernet strategic Product review
  • Strategic Review of Consumer Switching
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers activity
  • Fixed line number porting - Improvements
  • Service levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Minimum Security Standards
  • Plan & Build Performance Issues
  • Business Market Service Improvements


Rod Smith