OTA2 Update for May 2015

At the end of May 2015 the number of unbundled lines stands at 9.73 million. There are 5.57 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 2.02 million.

Service Level Agreements and Guarantees (SLA/SLG)

At the request of Ofcom, OTA2 were required to facilitate negotiations in situations where CPs or Openreach felt that new SLA/SLG were required or where existing SLA/SLG needed to be changed. The initial list of eight industry requests for review was completed and a summary of the SLA/SLG status was provided within the January 2015 update. All changes to the contracts have now been notified.

Activity on the second tranche of 3 SLA/SLG proposals has now completed and OTA2 has submitted its report to Ofcom. Of the three proposals, one was agreed and has been implemented and one withdrawn following initial negotiations. On the final proposal, associated with delivery of GEA in a working state, an SLA was agreed but consensus not reached on the SLG. While OTA2 did not recommend immediate action by Ofcom, it did suggest Ofcom consider whether a framework/guidelines for SLG payments should be established. 

Consumer Switching  - Current Status

Openreach have scheduled a number of ‘dress-rehearsal’ windows (March-May 2015) whereby the new ‘NoT’ (Notice of Transfer) functionality will be ‘switched-on’ in their live (EMP) environment for short periods to afford CPs a good opportunity to fully exercise their own NoT developments well ahead of the ‘actual’ cutover on 20 June 2015.

Two full Dress Rehearsals (DR) have now been successfully completed with a final DR scheduled for 30/31 May 2015.

Whilst there have been a small number of defects identified, the CPs concerned have either fixed these defects already or have plans to do so well ahead of the final ‘live’ cutover on 20 June 2015.

Each DR has involved a small number of CP participants who exchange test ‘NoT’ orders to validate their respective NoT developments.

OTA2 Tasks

As an output from Senior Industry meetings, OTA2 are required to facilitate programmes that the meeting members believe have a high level of opportunity to improve interworking between Openreach and its customers. These programmes concentrate on the end-to-end process. The current programmes have run their course and some new proposals have been shared. More details will be provided in next months report following engagement between Openreach and OTA2. Updates against current programmes are:

Communication tasks

OTA2 have been holding reviews with Openreach and CPs on progress, completions and benefits. The following tasks have now been either completed, moved to business as usual or CP specific implementations.

  • Cancellation of appointment by Openreach for New Provide
  • Customer expectation around new site and line plant delays
  • Management of customer address changes during CP transfer
  • Problems of informing customers when an appointment has been missed
  • Improvement in the quality of the fault information that CPs give

Early Life Failures

Although the overall trend is for ELFs to improve there have been some problems around the ELF performance for orders (MPF and WLR) using the Start of Stop provision process.
Significant progress has been made. Initial indications that the combination of system fixes (most recent 23 May) and engineering practices at cabinet are having a notable affect. By next month’s report we expect to report that the 28 day ELF performance has returned to normal.

Number Porting (Fixed Line)

The Number Port Process & Commercial Group (NPP&CG) is a multilateral industry forum which is attended by many CP stakeholders who, as number range holders, all share a legal obligation (Ofcom GC18) to allow their numbers to be ported away to other CPs when requested to do so.

The group is wholly dependent on CP stakeholders volunteering their subject matter experts to collaborate in delivering the improvements needed.

These are some of the higher priority tasks currently being worked on by the industry group:

  • To establish a Performance Dashboard – On track for Aug’15
  • To improve Number Port Escalation performance – On track for Aug’15
  • To establish Out of Hours Support for Number port-related loss of service & escalations – Work in progress
  • To stop Erroneous ports, dropped prefixes & Dispute Resolution – Work in progress

Service Levels

Copper Repair: Copper repair performance (LLU & WLR) has been stable in recent weeks with ‘on time repair’ averaging 74% during May 2015.

Copper Provision: Openreach FAD (First Available Date) performance nationally, is stable averaging 8.1 working days during the week commencing 18 May 2015 (vs backstop SLA of 12 working days).

Our KPI charts show current performance levels.

Service Management Forum

In collaboration with Openreach and Industry, OTA2 will chair the SMF to allow all CPs to concentrate on the contribution to the forum. Over the next few meetings the intention is to lift the forum to a more strategic approach capturing the top 4 or 5 cross Industry concerns. CPs are currently working on a collaborative view of their prioritised issues.

Ethernet Services

The latest consultation for the Broadband Connectivity Market Review has been issued by Ofcom and is now out for review and comment by stakeholders.

Service delivery to CDD (Contractual Due Date)has been maintained at +95% however the MttP (Mean time to Provide) remains a concern with no perceptible improvement showing yet.

The focus on getting Etherent service delivery under control continues and we are seeing lots of initiatives aimed at gaining control of various parts of the supply chain. The key area for the CP community is the activities carried out by Openreach’s contractors where a lack of feedback and information flow have caused significant headaches for the Openreach’s customers.

The work on DC7 (no access) has continued with the output from the working sessions looking at the underlying issues and how CPs manage the challenge of getting good site contacts for engineering visits being taken into a best practice guide which will be shared with industry

The DOJ (Differentiated Order Journey) trial in the North West is continuing and we are beginning to see the delivery of the first orders. The review meetings and the sharing of anonymised order information has started. In support of the development of a clear E2E process and documented procedures for service delivery a series of detailed Process Workshops has commenced. The Output of the workshops will be a fully documented set of process and procedures that will support the development of the strategic system (EMP).

A separate but related work stream has begun to look at the SLA/SLG mechanism for Ethernet which aims to develop a more focused structure to incentivise improved performance from Openreach in service delivery.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • Business Market Service Improvement Programme
  • OTA2 Tasks on Communication.
  • ELF Reduction Programme
  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process Development
  • Ethernet Process Development
  • Ethernet Strategic Systems Review
  • Consumer Switching Harmonisation Programme
  • Erroneous Fixed Line Transfers Activity
  • Urgent Service Restoration Process
  • Fixed Line Number Porting - Improvements
  • Service Levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Plan & Build Performance Issues



Rod Smith