OTA2 Update for August 2016

At the end of August 2016, the number of unbundled lines stands at 9.81 million. There are 4.57 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 1.89 million

The following is an update on the principle areas of project activity being led by OTA2.

SLA/SLG Work streams

Ethernet EAD

Following a dialogue between Openreach, CPs and the OTA2 it has been agreed to split the original EAD negotiations into two parts. The first part will be to discuss the SLG measure starting on the 16th September followed by a discussion on the quantum starting in January 2017. Both will run for up to 6 months under the governance of the BCMR. OTA2 have confirmed with all parties and will now establish the required timetable. Ofcom has been informed of this agreement of approach.
Service Management Forum (SMF)

Following a review with the OTA2 Openreach have proposed to CPs via the SMF running a proof of concept to expose a recently developed internal system called One Openreach to CPs. It is an interesting proposal, which is aimed at giving CPs quicker updates. CPs have questioned the robustness of the new approach following known issues during its introduction internally. The OTA2 have asked Openreach to demonstrate that this approach is fit for purpose at the next SMF in September.

CFPCG (Copper & Fibre Products Commercial Group)

Following a review at the CFPCG, a workshop has been set up for 6 September 2016 to review the proposals from Openenreach on replacing New Line Provides (NLP) with active lines to avoid uncessary visits. There are many concerns from CPs around this proposal in terms of timing and the potential to cause an increase in erroneous line transfers. OTA2 have made it clear that we do not support this proposal in its current form. The output of the review will be presented at the next CFPCG in September.  

Ethernet Service

The work to understand the deficiencies of the orignal EMP design has now completed with 50 ‘must have‘ elements identified under this deep dive exercise.  There is a full list of requirements which has been circulated via the ETSG and EP&CG forums together with a proposed roadmap from Openreach which the CPs have been asked to review. The ETSG call in August confirmed the proposed roadmap for 2016/17 Openreach proposal.

Dark Fibre

The draft reference offer for Dark Fibre has been published by Openreach. Work will now continue until the end of the year to ensure the formal reference offer meets industry needs.

Consumer Switching

The planned introduction of new Openreach products (e.g. Single order GEA, Number transfers,) has generated the additional need to ensure End User migrations to and from such products accommodate the necessary ‘consumer protection’ mechanisms. The proposals have been shared with CPs for comment.

Number Porting

Number Port ‘Executive Steering Group’

A new Number Port ‘Executive Steering Group’ is being established in order to secure the strategic support, direction and sponsorship needed to drive the industry-wide transformation that is required. The first meeting is provisionally scheduled for 22 September 2016.

Service Levels

Copper & Fibre Provision

Openreach FAD (First Available Date) performance nationally, has been averaging 9-10 working days for Copper & NGA Fibre, during the week ending 31 August 2016 (vs backstop SLA of 12 working days).

Copper Repair

LLU & WLR ‘on time repair’ performance have dropped back a little, achieving 76%, for week ending 22 July 2016.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • Business Market Service Improvement Programme
  • OTA2 Tasks on Communication.
  • ELF Reduction Programme
  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process Development
  • Ethernet Process Development
  • Ethernet Strategic Systems Review
  • Consumer Switching Industry Improvement Programme
  • Urgent Service Restoration Process
  • Fixed Line Number Porting - Improvements
  • Service Levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Infrastructure Service improvement programme
  • Dark Fibre/Passives

Rod Smith