OTA2 Update for September 2016

At the end of September 2016, the number of unbundled lines stands at 9.80 million. There are 4.57 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 1.89 million

The following is an update on the principle areas of project activity being led by OTA2.

SLA/SLG Work streams

Ethernet EAD
Following a dialogue between Openreach, CPs, and OTA2 it has been agreed to split the original EAD negotiations into two parts. The first part, to discuss the SLG measures, started on the 16 September 2016. This will be followed by a discussion on the quantum starting in January 2017. Both will run for up to 6 months under the governance of the BCMR.
Service Management Forum (SMF)

Openreach presented the current service challenges that were a result of increased faults and longer provision times during a period of reduced workforce due to summer leave. The increase in provision lead times had been mainly accounted by NGA demand. The cause of the increase in faults was not completely clear other than some regional weather conditions and was under further review. OTA2 have asked that the further insights should be reviewed at the next SMF.

CFPCG (Copper & Fibre Products Commercial Group)

The  workshop to review the proposals from Openenreach on replacing New Line Provides (NLP) with active lines to avoid uncessary visits to customer premises concluded it should not proceed. The combination of regulatory challenges, customer commercials, CP development costs and increased risks of ELT (Erroneous Line Transfers) meant that the Openreach proposal could not proceed. OTA2 have agreed to work with Openreach in understanding which CPs were falling short with a view to jointly engaging on improvements.

OTA2 also proposed that the existing best practice guides should be revisited given the learning that Openreach had already obtained in working with the CPs during the proof of concept trial.

Ethernet Service

Ethernet service provision lead times remain challenging with delays in planning perfomance reported. The move to a regional structure together with the holiday impacts have created backlogs in the planning workstacks, Openreach are working through the challenges and estimating that the problems will persist until the turn of the year.

Work on the EMP proposals is moving forwards with ‘wire frame’ designs being shared with CPs for some of the key information sharing capabilities. Good response from the CPs on the proposals which obviously now need to flow through to the final designs.

Dark Fibre

The draft reference offer for Dark Fibre has been published by Openreach. Work will now continue until the end of the year to ensure the formal reference offer meets industry needs.

Number Porting

Number Port ‘Executive Steering Group’
A new Number Port ‘Executive Steering Group’ met for the first time on 22 September 2016. The primary objective of this new group is to provide the strategic support, direction and sponsorship which is needed to positively transform the industry-wide number port operating model.

The meeting participants represent a good cross-section of the industry Stakeholder community and the appetite to transform the way fixed line number porting is carried out across the UK was clearly evident at the first meeting.

The initial task of this group is to develop a shared view/vision of a target operating model which could be established within the next 3-5years.

Service Levels

Copper & Fibre Provision
Openreach FAD (First Available Date) performance nationally, has been averaging 8-10.5 working days for Copper & NGA Fibre, during the week ending 24 September 2016 (vs backstop SLA of 12 working days).

Copper Repair
LLU & WLR ‘on time repair’ performance continued to decline very slightly, achieving 75% and 70% respectively, for week ending 19 August 2016.

OTA2 will continue to focus on:

  • OTA2 Tasks on Communication.
  • ELF Reduction Programme
  • Address Data Matching Integrity issues
  • WLR/LLU Process Development
  • Ethernet Process Development
  • Ethernet Strategic Systems Review
  • Consumer Switching Industry Improvement Programme
  • Urgent Service Restoration Process
  • Fixed Line Number Porting - Improvements
  • Service Levels (LLU/WLR/Ethernet)
  • Infrastructure Service improvement programme
  • Dark Fibre/Passives


Rod Smith