OTA2 Update for October 2018

At the end of October 2018, the number of unbundled lines stands at 10.04 million. There are 4.27 million WLR lines and the number of telephone numbers using CPS is 1.70 million.

The following is an update on the principle areas of project activity being led by OTA2.


Following Ofcom’s publication of its final statement on Automatic Compensation, OTA2 received a request from several CPs to initiate formal SLG negotiations with Openreach regarding their additional end-customer compensation obligations.

Negotiations have now exceeded the 6-month period of OTA2 facilitation. All parties agreed to continue negotiations under the auspices of OTA2. Openreach have made a ‘full and final’ offer to industry which has been subject to further points of clarification. Industry has not yet responded to the wider offer but have suggested the potential for a review of some aspects 12-months after launch.

The technical enhancements for supporting KCI messages, required to assist compliance, remains on track although the KCI for Cancelled Provisions may have limited testing before the implementation date.

Ethernet Service

Service delivery performance remains strong overall. There is a developing issue with the delivery of planning KPIs, Openreach are undertaking route cause analysis of the problems and remedial action will be notified through the Ethernet service forum. To date the impact has been on the front of the delivery process, this will be monitored to pick up any impact to the overall service delivery.

The Reimagining Ethernet Consultation is progressing with a round of bi-lateral engagements and intra CP discussions on the proposals, merits and challenges.

Ethernet on EMP is progressing very well with slightly over 60% of the order volume running through the EMP platform. The View My Job trial has concluded, and the capability is now available to all the EMP established CPs. Work on delivering the remainder of the CP ‘Must Haves’ is continuing but the benefits of the platform are already leading most of the major consumers of the EAD product to switch to EMP. Volume migrations of the existing assets from the ECO-x platform to EMP is the next area of focus.

Passive Infrastructure Access

The DPA reference offer continues to progress, revised Contract text and Product Description (phase 1 of 3 phases) detail has been released to CPs. OTA2 are progressing the issues and actions and working with Openreach to develop a functional plan setting out the key milestones for both Openreach and CPs.

Number Porting

Strategic improvement – Blockchain Proof of Concept (PoC)

Ofcom, has secured £700,000 from the Government’s new £10m Regulators’ Pioneer Fund in order to fuel a project that will seek to explore how blockchain technology could

In their response, Ofcom have asked the NPESG to target a strategic solution which, if possible, would address a wider scope of requirements as follows:

  1. make it quicker and easier for landline customers to switch providers while keeping their number (Industry function)
  2. reduce nuisance/spoof calls (i.e. CLI Authentication)
  3. improve overall number management (Ofcom function)

The PoC project is ‘sponsored’ by Ofcom with BT Technology playing a lead role in staging the PoC with the active participation of a small number of CPs.

The Number Port Executive Steering Group (NPESG) are responsible for determining the PoC ‘requirements’ for number porting.

Improving compliance and tackling complaints

To counter the growing volume of complaints to Ofcom from subscribers and telecoms providers, Ofcom have lodged a formal request with the NPESG Chair (OTA2) to “prioritise establishing and implementing a ‘port override process’, which allows ports to be successfully completed where a subscriber’s legitimate request to port their number is being incorrectly blocked or frustrated.”

Consumer Switching

All IP - Migrations Testing Programme (AIP-MTP)

OTA2 have been asked by Ofcom to establish a new industry programme aimed at pre-validating the migration processes which Gaining CPs will be using to support the anticipated ramp-up in demand from End Users migrating from existing copper-based phone services to new VOIP-based phone services.

OTA2 have commenced initial Stakeholder engagement with a series of bilateral ‘scene-setting’ calls and this will be followed up with our first multilateral ‘kick-off’ session which is now scheduled for 15 November 2018.

Our initial aim will be to complete the following:

  • Sign-off on the proposed test criteria & subset of ‘prioritised’ migration scenarios
  • Outline plan of bilateral tests to be undertaken (subject to each CP’s ‘state of readiness’)

Special Service Restoration (SSR)

A new Code of Practice for restoring End User’s Special Services has been produced to offer guidance to CPs to cater for those exceptional circumstances where an End User’s ‘special service’ (e.g. remote patient surveillance) has ceased to function following migration from their copper-based phone service to a new digital VOIP-based phone service. This document has now been published on the OTA2 web-site.

Validating the SSR process works correctly will be a key objective of the All IP - Migrations Testing Programme (AIP-MTP).

Service Levels

Copper & Fibre Provision

Openreach FAD (First Available Appointment Date) performance nationally, has been averaging 7.5, 6.8 and 7.8 working days for Copper, Fibre (MI) and Fibre (SI) installations respectively, over the 5-day period ending 27 October 2018 (vs backstop SLA of 12 working days).

(Note: MI and SI are Managed-Install and Self-Install respectively).

Copper Repair

LLU and WLR ‘on time repair’ performance continues to maintain a flat trend, achieving 4 week rolling average of 85% and 81% respectively, by week ending 19 October 2018.

Rod Smith