The vision for the OTA2 Scheme is that:

  • the OTA2 will champion end user issues;
  • Communications Providers will benefit from a competitive telecommunications infrastructure based on Openreach products that has no operational barriers to success;
  • there will be implementation (as quickly as is reasonably possible) of new product functionality, features and services relating to In–scope Products that will be seamlessly introduced;
  • migrations between broadband and narrowband products of both BT and other Communications Providers will be seamless, timely and with minimal interruption to service for end users;
  • dips in operational quality performance of In-scope Products provided by Openreach will be unusual and will be proactively managed by Openreach to ensure the least impact on Communications Providers and end users; and
  • participation by Communications Providers in the OTA2 Scheme will be widespread and representative.

The objective of the facilitation role is to create and maintain an environment in which Communications Providers who have entered into the OTA2 Scheme quickly reach substantial agreement on how new and enhanced product functionality and / or processes for In-scope Products are to be delivered, thereby improving implementation and reducing the possibility of Formal Dispute Proceedings in circumstances where there are industry wide implications.

In order for facilitation to be successful, the OTA2 and the Scheme Members will need to work effectively together.

The OTA2 will publish regular progress updates and summaries of this work and the status of the issues within the Scope.

Scope of the OTA2

The OTA2 will, in the exercise of facilitation, assist Scheme Members to reach agreement on and, where necessary, make non-binding recommendations on appropriate product functionality, process specifications, change management, implementation plans and monitoring activities for In-scope Products to maintain appropriately industrialised products and processes including, where new functionality for In–scope Products is introduced, ensuring that such new functionality is reasonably fit for the purpose it is intended to fulfil. These will relate to improvements to existing In-scope Products and In-scope Product processes. The Scope of the OTA2 (the "Scope") will include a role in setting specifications and plans. The extent of that role is set out below:

  • Product functionality - which refers to the definition, specification (including timing of availability) and functionality of In-scope Products and associated facilities and activities necessary for In-scope Products, including (but not limited to) the publication of key performance indicators and progress against plans;
  • Process specification - which refers to the specification and availability of the processes involved through the life-cycle of relevant In-scope Products and other process specification which will also include facilitating the agreement of reasonable quality levels, service level agreements and service level guarantees (and liquidated damages in these);
  • Change management - which refers to on-going modifications, enhancements and improvements of products and processes;
  • Implementation plans - which refers to the implementation of new and changed In-scope Products and processes and will include, the project plans, timescales and reasonable resourcing required to delivery these products and processes; and
  • Monitoring activities - which refers to necessary on-going activities to monitor implementation of non-binding recommendations of the OTA2 – will include, the use of appropriate key performance indicators where relevant.

For the avoidance of doubt, charge setting and policy development will not be included in the Scope of the OTA2, but will remain matters for Ofcom.

In-scope Products

In-scope Products means, collectively, and as defined in the BT Undertakings:

  • Local Loop Unbundling (including Metallic Path Facility, Shared Metallic Path Facility, sub-loop unbundling and relevant support services, including air conditioning and power), Backhaul Extension Service and Wholesale Extension Backhaul Product;
  • Wholesale Line Rental/ Carrier Pre-Selection;
  • geographic number portability and broadband of both BT and other Communications Providers where migration impacts may occur; and
  • others as necessary and reasonably agreed from time to time;